Octavia Project forced me to think ahead of the present and to the future.

Vicky, 14

I always like to test my writing and art on different wavelengths and see how far I can stretch my creativity. The OP is a good opportunity for me to do this since we cover such unique topics.

Britney, 16

I like being a female nerd in the world. I like the fact that the Octavia Project is a group for all different and unique types of people.

Aleiyah, 17

The teachers and guest artists inspired me to work harder as an artist and writer.

Summer 2017 participant

I saw more people who looked like me in positions of power. I learned that you don’t need to be old, rich and white to be successful.

Destiny, 14

The Octavia Project is not just a building with people that teach you how to do things—it’s HOME where you feel like you belong.

Gabby, 15

When N.K. Jemisin came to speak to us, it was so relevant to me as a Black woman who likes fantasy and science fiction but doesn’t get represented often in either.

Cheyann, 16

This program is a place where you don’t have to worry about being judged and are fully embraced for who you are. Your creativity will also be limitless, and you’ll love the people in the program like family.

Nia, 18

I grew confidence and learned so much about my rights, culture, history, and capability as a woman and a woman of color.

Aleiyah, 17

I gained my voice, my passion, and leadership skills.

Abby, 17