Octavia Project is a great place to explore new forms of art and a great place to find a community.

Summer 2022 Participant

The Octavia Project holds a special place in my heart for giving us the opportunity to have a community dedicated to all that Octavia Butler stood for.

Summer 2022 Participant

I’m more confident in science now. I’m also more interested in it as well.

Summer 2022 Participant

This summer is the safest and most heard I’ve ever felt.

Naade, 16

This program definitely helped me with my creativity.

Tati, 13

First and foremost, the OP helped me learn that I am someone worth listening to.

Autumn, 19

I’ve never wanted to write so bad before.

2021 Middle School Participant

I have never had as much confidence as I did from this program, not just in my writing, but in myself as a woman of color.

Summer 2021 Participant

I feel more confident in my artistic and writing endeavors… My career path is clearer; I’m more determined and motivated to pursue it.

Summer 2020 Participant

People will tell you to stop–they will put you down and disagree with you no matter what you do, so keep your head high and don’t be afraid to turn away and move on because you have things to achieve, and no one should be able to get between you and your goals.

Summer 2021 Participant